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Many mid-Tennessee individuals and families dream of owning their own home. Successful homeownership can help build wealth, allow greater control over one’s living environment, and provide relief from increasing rental costs. Sadly, many low to moderate-income individuals and families and first-time homebuyers encounter obstacles to buying a house.

Woodbine Community Organization is here to help overcome these hurdles. From getting out of debt to shopping for mortgages to qualifying for homebuyer assistance programs, we serve as an unbiased source of information for successful long-term homeownership.


Our HUD-certified counselors provide one-on-one services, self-help groups, and seminars, serving as a source of dependable, unbiased information. For individuals and families that are preparing for homeownership, our classes explore managing money, saving, improving credit scores, budgeting, and getting out of debt.

For those who are ready to own a home, our classes cover shopping for a home, budgeting for new homeowner expenses, maintaining a home, protecting your investment, being involved in the community, and saving for the unexpected.

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Many Nashville-area residents wish to own their own homes. Successful homeownership can help individuals and families build wealth, have greater control over their living space, and receive relief from rising rental costs. Unfortunately, many individuals and families encounter hurdles to homeownership in mid-Tennessee.

Financial Fitness

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Do payday loans seem attractive until it is time to pay them off? Are you inundated with seemingly appealing offers for credit from banks or retail stores? Do you have a clear understanding of your current financial situation? Are you meeting your saving goals for emergencies or retirement?

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Many Nashville-area residents wish to own their own homes for many reasons. Some families seek a good place to raise children, a safe place to live, and greater control over their living space. Homeownership is also a way for families to build wealth and experience relief from rising rental costs.

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Are you ready to make home ownership a reality? Woodbine Community Organization is here to help assist future homeowners. Did you know that homeowner education programs and financial counseling help reduce mortgage delinquency and defaults while increasing peace of mind?

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Inequalities in Securing a Home Loan

Woodbine Community Organization Inequalities in Securing a Home Loan TN
Did you know that African American and Hispanic mortgage applicants were twice as likely to be denied as white applicants, according to a 2013 Zillow study? The real estate site found that 27.6% of African Americans, 21.9% of Hispanics, 13.3% of Asians, and 10.4% of whites were denied for conventional mortgages, giving some populations less access to credit. This creates a major hurdle in achieving homeownership.

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I approached Woodbine because I was upside down with my home payment and needed some honest advice. Woodbine helped me by informing me about a recent program design to help homeowner in my situation. The result was we were able to get $30,000 in assistance for my home. I found the experience very beneficial, I learned a lot about not only my financial situation but, finances in general. I would highly recommend Woodbine to anyone seeking an understanding and/or assistance for their home

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