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Are you ready to make home ownership a reality? Woodbine Community Organization is here to help assist future homeowners. Did you know that homeowner education programs and financial counseling help reduce mortgage delinquency and defaults while increasing peace of mind?

Our Fast Track seminar is for people that have already received their mortgage or are mortgage-ready. This intensive seminar explores many important topics related to successful homeownership. Completion of this course also satisfies the requirements of local loan and downpayment assistance programs that help mid-Tennessee homebuyers achieve homeownership.

The Fast Track class explores:

  • Creating a budget to manage your money

  • Understanding credit

  • Obtaining a home mortgage loan

  • Shopping for your home

  • Maintaining regular mortgage payments

  • Homeowner responsibilities, such as insurance, maintenance, and property taxes

  • Protecting your investment

Homeownership Challenges

Many people who wish to become homeowners find the homebuying process daunting. Predatory lending practices can impose unfair or even abusive loan terms on homebuyers. Maintaining an adequate credit score, securing a mortgage with good terms, and long-term budgeting can all create hurdles to successful homeownership. We are here to help add ease to the homebuying process every step of the way.

Woodbine Community Organization strives to make successful, long-term homeownership a reality in the Nashville, Tennessee community. We assist clients in making knowledgeable home purchasing decisions for greater financial freedom.

Providing Important & Unbiased Information

Our seminar is a combination of financial counseling and education, to make your home ownership dream a reality. Learn from industry professional about the home buying process, credit, fair housing, insurance, and the different loan products available. The Fast Track class meets 1st Wednesday, 3rd Saturday for 8 hours every month and is is free of charge.

Once you have completed this seminar, you received a certificate that is accepted by the various organizations that lend or provide down payment assistance in mid-Tennessee. The certification earned from the Fast Track program is valid for one year.

Ready to Enroll in the Fast Track Program?

1. Call our office at (615) 833-9580 to schedule an appointment

2. Complete our online intake form

3. Pay the appropriate program fee

4. Gather your initial requested information for the appointment:

a) 1 month worth of income (pay stubs, award letter)

b) 2 months of bank statements

c) Last year’s tax returns

d) Detailed monthly budget

e) Credit report

5. Keep your appointment

Woodbine Community Organization is Here to Help

We are dedicated to community economic development and we provide unbiased financial information and counseling. As an organization dedicated to community revitalization, we provide a suite of services to benefit the greater Nashville community, including financial counseling, community education programs, rental housing, and homebuyer/homeowner services.

For more information, please view the Tennessee Housing Development Agency’s website.

Ready to make homeownership a reality? Call us today at 615-833-9580 to discover your options to prevent foreclosure.

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I highly recommend Woodbine

I approached Woodbine because I was upside down with my home payment and needed some honest advice. Woodbine helped me by informing me about a recent program design to help homeowner in my situation. The result was we were able to get $30,000 in assistance for my home. I found the experience very beneficial, I learned a lot about not only my financial situation but, finances in general. I would highly recommend Woodbine to anyone seeking an understanding and/or assistance for their home

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