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Did you know that most homes have numerous gadgets that continuously suck power, even when not in use? This means that these appliances are draining power, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week–driving up your electric bill. This all happens  while the gizmos are turned off, because many electronics are actually in standby mode and are not actually turned fully off.

Flat-screen televisions, video game consoles, DVRs and cable boxes are some of the top culprits. Unfortunately, these standby “vampire” loads can account for 10% of your electric bill (according to Pacific Gas and Electric). As a result, many households are paying an unnecessary couple hundred dollars a year.

Use Electricity the Smart Way

Smart power strips provide a solution to these energy vampires, lowering your electricity bill as a result.  This new generation of power strips prevents your appliances and electronics from sucking power when not in use.

When you turn off you TV, the smart strip automatically turns off power to the game console, cable box, DVR, DVD, etc. When you turn off your computer, the speakers, monitor, printer, and all the other necessities turn off as well, saving lots of otherwise wasted power and lowering your electricity bill. Smart power strips also provide all the services you would expect from a power strip, such as lots of outlets and surge protection.

Many of us try to keep the electricity bills down by powering down our computers and turning off the television when not in use. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop the vampire power from constantly sucking energy because the gadgets are actually in standby mode and are not completely off.

Benefits of Using Power Strips

  • Virtually eliminate vampire power loads for lower utility bills

  • Provide surge protection and lots of outlets for appliances

  • Lower environmental impact by using less electricity

  • Simple and easy to use

An alternative to smart power strips is to actually unplug the energy-draining printer, monitor, television, and other gizmos to stop them from draining power. If you are good at remembering such things, this can be a great option for rarely used appliances, but for appliances that you use daily, unplugging can be a hassle.

Protect Your Appliances from Power Surges

When selecting a smart power strip, make sure it offers proper surge protection. Look for surge protection that saves your appliances from transient voltage that spike above 120 volts for 1-2 nanoseconds and surges where the increase lasts for more than 3 nanoseconds.

Want to lower your electricity bills? Smart power strips cut vampire power loads, saving you money each month. Contact our team to learn more!

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