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Do you want to gain a deep understanding of how your home consumes and wastes energy? Do your energy bills seem too high, but you don’t know how to lower them without sacrificing comfort? If so, a home energy audit is a great way to gain energy-saving insights and identify the root cause of wasted energy throughout your home.

Energy Audits Identify:

  • Where conditioned air leaves and unconditioned air enters your home

  • How well your home insulation is functioning

  • If leaks in the HVAC ductwork are hindering energy efficiency and air quality

  • Structural issues that degrade home performance

  • Inefficient appliances that are hogging energy

  • How well your heating and cooling system is functioning

How is Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?

A home energy auditor will make recommendations based on their findings and help prioritize energy-saving upgrades for your home for greater comfort and utility bill savings. The depth and cost of energy audits vary, so ask the energy auditor what their services include before making an appointment. Some auditors will merely walk through your home and state observations, while others will use testing for further energy-saving information and provide a written report.

Energy Audit Tools and Tests

A more in-depth energy audit will use a variety of energy assessment tools to determine how your home is performing. These diagnostic tests identify the root cause of inefficiencies and comfort issues, taking a more scientific approach to energy efficiency.

Detailed Energy Audits Use:

  • Duct leak testing to measure air leaks--leaks boost your heating and air conditioning costs while degrading home comfort

  • Infrared cameras to identify air leaks, insufficient insulation, compromised roofing, and more

  • Blower door testing with a fan and pressure gauge to measure the airtightness of your home

  • A utility bill analysis to observe patterns of energy use over time

Diagnosing Efficiency Issues with a Home Energy Audit

The goal of a home energy audit is to find the best ways to lower your utility bills and make homeownership more affordable, while at the same time increasing comfort in your mid-Tennessee home. Many improvements can also boost indoor air quality by addressing moisture, mold, dust, and pest issues, make homes more durable, and increasing the value of your home.

Money-Saving Incentive Programs

There are some local and federal incentives that lower the cost of certain energy efficiency upgrades for mid-Tennessee residents. These incentives include federal tax credits, Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Cooperative rebates, and programs for Nashville-area residents.

Want to understand where your home wastes energy? An energy audit is a great way to gain insights into household energy use throughout your home. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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