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We understand how difficult it can be for low-income families to secure safe, affordable, long-term housing. Woodbine Community Organization is here to help by offering attractive single-family homes for families that could not otherwise afford to own a home. Our goal is to help you create a place you can call home.

Woodbine Community Organization partners with churches and nonprofit organizations to build homes for low-income families. These homes are scattered throughout residential neighborhoods in Nashville. This low-income housing option has rents that are below the standard rates for our area.

Connecting to the Local Community

Our single-family properties are well maintained and blend with the surrounding neighborhood. Our scattered-site model gives low-income Nashville residents the opportunity to take pride in where they live and be fully involved in the civic life of the community.

Additional Woodbine Community Organization Programs

Some of the families that are part of our affordable rentals program also have a dream of owning their own homes eventually. Woodbine Community Organization also offers classes and financial counseling services, including our popular homebuyer club to help people achieve their goals.

Qualifying for Our Single-Family Rentals

Our single-family developments are available to low-income families. There is a criteria for being accepted into our programs, including an income cap that depends on household size.

Applying for Our Affordable Rentals

To determine if you qualify for our single-family developments, submit a confidential pre-qualification form.  The pre-qualification process was created to save you time and money in determining if you are eligible for our rental program. Our pre-qualification process is free of charge and is the first step in qualifying for our rental programs. After pre-qualifying, it is also necessary to complete an application form, verify your information, and pay the application fee of $25.

Would you like to rent an affordable single-family home? Contact us today at 615-242-7006 to learn more about our rental programs or fill out a pre-qualification form.

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