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Many Nashville-area residents wish to own their own homes for many reasons. Some families seek a good place to raise children, a safe place to live, and greater control over their living space. Homeownership is also a way for families to build wealth and experience relief from rising rental costs. Buying a home can prove to be a rewarding, exciting, and stressful process.

Hurdles to Successful Homeownership

There are many obstacles to sustainable homeownership, especially for low to moderate-income and minority households. Existing debt, unstable employment, difficulty qualifying for a mortgage, lack of a down payment, and poor credit history can keep families from realizing their dreams.

Many potential homebuyers are intimidated and discouraged by the purchasing process due to these obstacles. The Homebuyer Club helps Nashville-area families and individuals navigate the home purchase process and make informed decisions about homeownership.

Woodbine Community Organization Is Here to Help

We strive to make successful, long-term homeownership a reality in the Nashville, Tennessee community by assisting clients in making knowledgeable home purchasing decisions. The popular Homebuyer Club at Woodbine Community Organization is for individuals and couples who are 4 months or longer away from homeownership and provides homebuyer self help.

Our goal is to remove barriers to affordable homeownership with our proven curriculum and unbiased information. Currently, over 700 graduates now own their own homes.

The Homebuyer Clubs assists in:

  • Understanding the credit reporting system

  • Determining your current financial position

  • Effectively budgeting short and long-term homeownership costs

  • Compiling a home-buying team

  • Negotiating a home mortgage, while avoiding predatory lending

With an ever-changing financial marketplace and many biased sources of information, it is difficult to make informed decisions about homeownership. The Homebuyer Club is designed to engage participants in our interactive program, helping to reduce the stress of home-buying process for all program participants. Greater understanding of homebuying enables club participants to avoid common pitfalls while meeting long-term financial goals.

How the Homebuyer Club Works

Our self-paced class is a voluntary, self-help group offered once a month at various time to accommodate different schedules. Contact us for the most up-to-date class schedule.

Our seminars are offered to participants that want to be homeowners. Each club has approximately fifteen members, and each class is led by a trained housing counselor and assisted by a lending institution advisor. In addition to a printed textbook, there are guest speakers that provide their specific expertise to the classes. Speakers include real estate agents, mortgage lenders, credit bureau representatives, and building inspectors.

Participants must commit themselves to active involvement in the program for a period of one year. Enrollees attend a 1 1/2-hour class once a month. Classes are participatory and interactive, and attendees are encouraged to express their opinions, ask questions, and take part in class activities.

Members set monthly goals leading to the purchase of a home. There is no charge for the program.

Ready to Enroll?

Here’s how:

1. Call our office at (615) 833-9580 to schedule an appointment

2. Complete our online intake form

3. Pay the appropriate program fee

4. Gather your initial requested information for the appointment:

a) 1 month worth of income (pay stubs, award letter)

b) 2 months of bank statements

c) Last year’s tax returns

d) Detailed monthly budget

e) Credit report

5. Keep your appointment

Don’t just dream of home ownership. Call us today at 615-833-9580 to join the Homebuyer Club and remove your barriers to homeownership.

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I highly recommend Woodbine

I approached Woodbine because I was upside down with my home payment and needed some honest advice. Woodbine helped me by informing me about a recent program design to help homeowner in my situation. The result was we were able to get $30,000 in assistance for my home. I found the experience very beneficial, I learned a lot about not only my financial situation but, finances in general. I would highly recommend Woodbine to anyone seeking an understanding and/or assistance for their home

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Inequalities in Securing a Home Loan

Woodbine Community Organization Inequalities in Securing a Home Loan TN
Did you know that African American and Hispanic mortgage applicants were twice as likely to be denied as white applicants, according to a 2013 Zillow study? The real estate site found that 27.6% of African Americans, 21.9% of Hispanics, 13.3% of Asians, and 10.4% of whites were denied for conventional mortgages, giving some populations less access to credit. This creates a major hurdle in achieving homeownership.