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Are some areas of your home uncomfortably warm or cold? Many homes have uneven temperatures and are in need of HVAC balancing.

Even the most efficient heating and cooling systems don’t operate at peak performance without proper air balancing. Quality contractors can air balance your home, ensuring that proper amounts of conditioned air are evenly distributed throughout your all areas of your home. This helps provide optimum comfort and heating and cooling system efficiency throughout the year.

Air balancing your home:

  • Provides more even temperatures throughout your home

  • Cuts monthly heating and cooling bills

  • Boosts home comfort

  • Prevents outside air from being drawn into your home

  • Prolongs the useful life of your HVAC equipment

  • Improves home air quality

What Can Air Balancing Do For Your Home Comfort?

Many homes have trouble areas that are warmer or cooler than the rest of the house. These areas may even require people to crank up the heating or cooling system to compensate, boosting monthly energy bills. Imbalances also make your HVAC system work harder, causing more wear and tear on the equipment. This probably isn’t an issue with the heating and cooling system itself, as air balancing is often the missing link in realizing true home comfort.

How Do Air Imbalances Erode Energy Efficiency?

Imbalances in your heating and cooling system push conditioned air out of your home or draw unconditioned air in. If the supply air from your heating and air conditioning system is greater than the return air from throughout your house, your home will be pressurized. This forces conditioned air outside through cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior. Alternately, if the quantity of your return air is greater than your supply air, outside air will be drawn into the home.

Both situations erode home comfort, increase your utility bills, and make your heating and air conditioning system work overtime to compensate. Proper air balancing ensures comfort and energy savings, preventing air movement between the outside and inside of your home.

How is Air Balancing Achieved?

A flow hood is used to test the quantity of air coming out of each grill in your home before making adjustments. HVAC contractors then air balance homes by using dampers to control the flow of air. To achieve the right balance, adjustments are made until they achieve a balanced flow of air throughout your home.

Want to lower your utility bills while increasing your comfort? Use a professional air balancing service for years of lower energy costs.

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