Woodbine Community Organization Whole Home Performance TN

Do you want to cut your energy bills, increase home comfort, and even make your home more durable? From energy-efficient lighting to high performance insulation, there are many ways to achieve this. At Woodbine Community Organization, we provide useful information on a variety of energy-saving topics. Our goal is to help make your house more affordable and comfortable, and to help you protect your home investment.

Many mid-Tennessee homeowners are unaware of how their homes waste energy. If you want to learn more about a variety home performance topics, our educationals section is filled with energy-saving tips and strategies that often require little or no change in lifestyle.

Some simple home performance projects can be completed by many homeowner in just an hour or two, such as installing energy-efficient lighting, timers, low-flow plumbing fixtures, or smart power strips. Other projects are more involved and may require hiring a contractor, such as installing energy-efficient windows and doors, a ventilation system, home insulation, and a new water heater.

The information in our whole-home performance section is for educational purposes to help you get started on home efficiency. Reading through pages on energy-efficiency upgrades may give you ideas on how to lower your electricity or gas bill, while maintaining or even boosting home comfort.

Want to cut your electricity or gas bill? Our whole-home performance section is filled with energy-saving solutions!

Energy Audits

Woodbine Community Organization Energy Audits TN
Do you want to gain a deep understanding of how your home consumes and wastes energy? Do your energy bills seem too high, but you don’t know how to lower them without sacrificing comfort?

Windows & Doors

Woodbine Community Organization Windows & Doors TN
Do your windows have condensation on them or get fogged up? Are your windows or doors difficult to open, or are the window sills or frames rotten? These are common signs that windows and doors need to be replaced.

Water Heating

Woodbine Community Organization Water Heating TN
When shopping for a new dishwasher or washing machine, keep water use in mind. Whenever possible, purchase ENERGY STAR® models that are both energy and water efficient. For washing machines, select models that allow you to control temperature and water level (so you can use less water for small loads).

Energy Monitors

Woodbine Community Organization Energy Monitors TN
Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to energy use. Is your monthly electric bill mysterious to you, sometimes being much higher than you expect without a clear reason? Do you know how much you pay to run the dishwasher or watch the game on your television?


Woodbine Community Organization Lighting TN
Lighting is a key aspect of home comfort. The best energy efficient lighting strategies provide the same amount of light while at the same time using less energy and saving money. Lighting accounts for roughly 10% of home electricity use (according to the Environmental Protection Agency), so there are tremendous opportunities for energy savings.

Smart Strip Power Strips

Woodbine Community Organization Smart Strip Power Strips TN
Did you know that most homes have numerous gadgets that continuously suck power, even when not in use? This means that these appliances are draining power, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week–driving up your electric bill. This all happens while the gizmos are turned off,

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4 Tips for Cutting Summer Energy Bills

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