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The Woodbine Community Organization is a nonprofit organization that was chartered in 1985. Its history and purpose are in many ways tied to the vision of one of its

founders: Fannie Williams.

Fannie Williams was affectionately known simply as Miss Fannie. She is remembered for her long life of service to the Woodbine community and Nashville. She was 107 years old when she passed away in October 2001.

Through her eyes, Miss Fannie saw the world as a wonderful blend of people of different colors, of different means, of different classes and all were equal.

Her tenacity won food for the hungry and health services for the poor. Fed up with the lack of sewers and the consequent flooding problems in Woodbine, she once took a bucket of water to Metro and put it on an administrator's desk. Miss Fannie said defiantly, "I've lived with this for 90 years, now you live with it."

Through her determination, she founded the Woodbine Community Center in 1955. It was an outgrowth of an active sewing circle in which she participated. Miss Fannie was also a talented and accomplished quilt maker.

When the Woodbine community faced neighborhood deterioration in the 1980s, she led an integrated group of neighbors to form Woodbine Community Organization. This non-profit group is now housed in a school building that Miss Fannie helped save from the wrecking ball.

Most importantly, through her love and commitment, Miss Fannie showed us that anything is possible when a community works together.

Today, information about the many programs at Woodbine Community Organization is distributed in both English and Spanish. An estimated 350 Latinos and a total of 500 people a day receive support from programs at Woodbine Community Organization.

Board and Staff 2016

Steering Committee


Davy Heckman, Chair
Glen Page, Secretary
Don Ivancic, Treasurer
Jody Derrick, Personnel Chair

At Large Members:

Carla Jarrell
Benjamin Mercer
Floyd Shechter
Anna Page
Tarcy Patterson


Cathie Dodd, Executive Director
Tony Woodham, Director

Multifamily Housing:

Debbie Miles, Housing Specialist
Lisa Marshall, Housing Specialist
Adam Baugh, Property Maintenance
Brent Meadors, Property Maintenance
Courtney Minnifee, Property Maintenance
Troy Fisher, Property Maintenance

Housing Financial Services:

Rod Williams, Senior Housing Counselor
Stephanie Rolark, Housing Counselor
Daryl Hill, Housing Specialist/Counselor
Latommie Fisher-Johnson, Housing Specialist
Bobby Shands, Housing Counselor
Cindy Rutan, VITA Coordinator

Woodbine Community Organization